What exactly do you do ?
BERGS International design and produce its own brand “BERGS” and with the same passion, desire and commitment, BERGS International also custom design bags, trolleys and other promotional items for a number of leading businesses throughout the UK and around the world.

Where are the goods made?
The majority of our goods are made in China and the Far East.

Why China?
This allows us to offer our products at a price that is affordable for everyone. We have close relationships with our suppliers in the Far East and we make it a top priority, that all people involved in the manufacture of our goods are fairly paid and have good working conditions, in line with our Ethical Policy.

What materials are the goods made from?
We mainly use polyester, microfibre, PVC and nylon for our fabrics, steel and aluminium for metal frames and fittings and 100% polypropylene for the wheels.
What is the typical lead time?
The lead time to develop and produce any product depends on many factors, including:

- The complexity or the simplicity of the product designing, sampling and producing

- Finding the specific qualified manufacturer

- The manufacturer's work load at the time

- Sourcing the raw materials

- Quantities you required

- Your deadline

The average time for shipping is about four weeks.
Why do you use polyester, nylon...?
It is very important to consider the practicality, durability and value for money of our products within the design process. These fabrics help to ensure our products perform well in today’s hectic lifestyle, taking into account economic factors and the weather.

What is the procedure for making a bespoke product?
The procedure varies from one product to another. It always starts with you, the customer, contacting us with your thoughts about what you want to develop (please refer to Custom design introduction).

How do you ship your goods from China?
In order to minimise our carbon footprint, we combine lots of orders and ship them together in large volumes. We do as few shipments as possible to the UK and therefore keep carbon emissions at the lowest possible levels. We do not advocate airfreight, as the impact on the environment and financial costs are significantly higher.
If you have any other questions or you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on: info@bergsinternational.com
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